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Naturally curious, loathed to waste effort, reluctant to interact, desperate to build with like minds, enthusiastically determined to continually stumble forwards!

These are the little thought stones that help me for perspective, focus & to keep going - I want to make the world a better place, tech is my vehicle!



The long version: My accomplishments resulted in me being named as one of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers by  Engineers Australia & as one of Australia's and the US' Top Ten Young Scientists by Popular Science magazine, along with receiving a number of other international awards and recognitions. I am the Founder | CTO at Presien - a cutting edge AI vision systems ventures funded startup, a Special Advisor for Robotics | Ventures at one of the world's larger private construction companies, a Director of the Robotics Australia Group peak body & sits on the Advisory Board of Queensland Robotics. I am an active academic researcher in robotics as an Honorary Professor at the Ohio State University. Previously I've served multiple academic appointments at Stanford University and the University of Technology Sydney.


My speciality is uncovering and imagining opportunities for emergent future technologies in the real world and forging viable R&D to Delivery pathways to their realisation. One of his multi-award winning portfolio projects - Blindsight by Presien (formerly Toolbox Spotter) AI computer vision for heavy industries - recently evolved into a $7m VC funded spinoff. I've over 15+ years in industry, and 10+ years in academia, initiating, shaping, driving and leading cutting-edge, research driven disruptive innovation. See

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